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Activism Brings Hope! A song dedicated to grassroots organizers and freedom workers everywhere. Another world is possible. #GRO #BITWNOTW #GlobalBlockMusic

Rithm - Stay Organizing (Rick Ross Stay Scheming Remix)

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New Classic! Rithm of the Global Block Collective on one of my favorite old school Pete Rock remix tracks for Public Enemy's classic tune "Shut'em Down. Dedicated in response to the US Government shutdown of 2013. #BumRushTheVote 
<![CDATA[Recapacitar - A New Song Of Hope]]>Mon, 11 Nov 2013 15:23:46 GMThttp://globalblockcollective.weebly.com/whats-happening-blog/recapacitar-a-song-of-hope
George Martinez and the Global Block Collective presents, "Recapacita" featuring Kevin Flores, MC Glows, and Tata (Cartagena) -
This project was recorded and filmed in Cartagena, Colombia (2011)
Music produced by: Kevin Flores
Concept by: Rithm
Video produced by: Janer Pianetta (Cartagena)
Inspirado por el proyecto, Tu Voz Cuenta.
<![CDATA[DREAMING BIG (Soñando Grande) hits milestone]]>Wed, 16 Oct 2013 15:48:13 GMThttp://globalblockcollective.weebly.com/whats-happening-blog/dreaming-big-soando-grande-hitsmilestonePicture
"...a little elbow grease and we could all share the stress, 
a little more work and we could all taste success..." - Rithm (Dreaming Big)

Working collaboratively has produced remarkable results for the GBC so far, and this new single by Rithm starring 3 of Medellin's top urban artists is a shining example of the continuing grassroots success pushing over 50,000 views in just a couple of months with $0 marketing budget. 

The video featuring, Rithm, Kiño, Pipe Bega, and Ozzo has received widespread recognition and critical acclaim and has been picked up on dozens of Hip Hop blogs and internet radio stations. 

The song and video are part of an ongoing GBC effort to build networks of support for social entrepreneurial opportunities via the creation of an Artist Development Fund. 

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<![CDATA[Global Block Collective's OWS Anthem  Occupation freedom SELECTED 1 of top 15 hip hop political songs ever!]]>Sat, 12 Oct 2013 15:58:18 GMThttp://globalblockcollective.weebly.com/whats-happening-blog/occupation-freedom-selected-1-of-top-15-hip-hop-political-songs-everPicture
Recently, the newly launched network Aljazeera America asked the members of its community a very important question. What are the top 15 political/social Hip Hop songs ever? 

Along with some of the obvious choices like Public Enemy's, "Fight the Power", Latifah's, "UNITY", the "Message" and others from 2 Pac, Common and Calle 13, we are proud to announce that our song and video, Occupation Freedom: The Occupy Wall Street Hip Hop Anthem, was included as a new addition to the list worthy of joining such classics as those mentioned above. 

Sylara and Rithm are honored and excited to be included in such an illustrious list and hope to continue encouraging people to live their dreams and be "free" through art and activism.  

For the complete Aljazeera article click here: http://america.aljazeera.com/watch/shows/the-stream/the-latest/2013/9/19/the-stream-communitystop15politicalsocialhiphopsongsever.html

<![CDATA[Yes! They are #alwaystapping (new mixtape)]]>Tue, 08 Oct 2013 14:59:44 GMThttp://globalblockcollective.weebly.com/whats-happening-blog/yes-they-are-alwaystapping-new-mixtape
Free download available at Hulk Share 

<![CDATA[Hip Hop Ambassador's REsponse to the Gov't Shutdown - (Rithm>GBC - Pete Rock remix)]]>Thu, 03 Oct 2013 13:20:02 GMThttp://globalblockcollective.weebly.com/whats-happening-blog/hip-hop-ambassadors-response-to-the-govt-shutdown-rithmgtgbc-pete-rock-remixOne of Rithm's favorite old school Pete Rock remix tracks for Public Enemy's classic tune "Shut'em Down. 
Dedicated in response to the US Government shutdown of 2013. #BumRushTheVote
Free Download Available: click the link below or visit http://www.hulkshare.com/hongeorgemartinez/shut-um-down-ft-rithm
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<![CDATA[Global Block T's:  "Coolest in the Hood" - Ilyse (NYC)]]>Wed, 12 Jun 2013 14:32:20 GMThttp://globalblockcollective.weebly.com/whats-happening-blog/global-block-ts-coolest-in-the-hood-ilyse-kazar

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